Seals protect your home against the infiltration of water, wind and pollution.
Only the finest natural rubber is used on our windows, ensuring greater durability and weather resistance. All of our seals are supplied by MAICO.

Drainage channel

By analysing the action of water and humidity, Fratelli Bergamaschi has perfect- ed an exclusive drainage channel system, completely made of wood, which improves the protection of the window from infiltra- tions caused by intense rain and humidity.

An aluminum sill is the ideal solution for thermal protection against water, air and wind.
Good levels of performance can also be obtained with a fiberglass sill.


Wood architraves
Our wooden architraves are aesthetically well designed, both for interior and exterior and are used to complete the installation of the windows.
Supplied on request, they are available in the following sizes: 35x10; 55x10; 80x10


Wooden strip on the central mullion

It consists in a strip applied internally only on the windows with Classic glazing beads.
Its function is purely aesthetic. On the windows with the Soft, Ovolo or Modern glazing beads, the wooden strip is placed only external.


Glazing bars

Glazing bars are a wood insertion of thickness 60 or 80mm into the French door casement, which divide the glazing into two or more sections.
They are usually inserted when the French door is very high, to reduce the size of the glass and make it safer.


Internal astragal bars
They are a pleasant aesthetic element inserted into the glass.
Instead of using the traditional astragal bars, which are installed on the glass, we have adopted an inner glazing astragal bar that doesn’t hinder the cleaning of the window.


The high quality of our Maico® hardware makes the daily actions of opening and closing the window both safe and simple. Every window movement must always be and remain practical, easy and silent. Sash windows are supplied with Coastal® hardware.


Main hinges

Fratelli Bergamaschi works with Maico® main hinges, which are fundamental not only for supporting the window casement, but also for its movement. You can choose between traditional hinges or our new hidden hinges.